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For hand lettering, brush lettering, or calligraphy, brush pens are great pens to work with. These pens have a flexible tip that is similar to a brush. The main difference between a brush pen and a brush is that with a brush, you have to dip the ink yourself before using it, while with a brush pen, the ink is already contained within the pen. What exactly is a brush pen, and which brush pen is most suitable for you? The following descriptions aim to provide more insight into brush pens.

Tip of a Brush Pen

A brush pen does not have a ballpoint like a regular pen or a metal nib from which the ink flows like a fountain pen. The tip of a brush pen is flexible and resembles a brush.

Tip Hardness

Each brush pen has different thickness and hardness. The difference in hardness leads to a different user experience with a brush pen. For example, with a harder tip, you need to apply more pressure to create a thicker line compared to a softer tip.

Ink Type

The brush pens available on this website are all water-based.

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