Zomers Inspiratie: Creatief Schrijven en Tekenen

Summer Inspiration: Creative Writing and Drawing.

Summer is a vibrant time full of possibilities for new experiences, adventures, and creative inspiration. From summer recipes to outdoor activities, festivals, gardening, travel, fashion, and relaxing with books and movies, there's so much to explore. Let's discover these diverse summer activities and their potential as a creative source for writing and drawing.

Summer Recipes

Summer is a great time for fresh fruits and vegetables. You can write about recipes that use seasonal ingredients like strawberries, watermelon, or fresh vegetables from the garden. You can also create drawings or illustrations of the dishes you make.

Outdoor Activities

Whether it's hiking, swimming, cycling, or simply enjoying the sun, summer is the perfect time for outdoor adventures. Write about your favorite activities, provide tips and advice for others who want to do the same, or make sketches of the beautiful landscapes you come across.

Summer Festivals and Events

Summer is also the season of music festivals, neighborhood parties, and other events. You can write reports about the events you attend, or draw caricatures of the musicians, artists, or other interesting people you meet there.


For many people, summer is the time to work in the garden. You can write about the plants you grow, provide gardening tips, or make detailed drawings of the flowers and plants in your garden.


Many people go on vacation in the summer. You can write about your travel adventures, give tips for other travelers, or make sketches of the interesting places you visit.

Summer Fashion

Summer brings a whole new wardrobe, from swimwear to sun hats. Write about the latest summer fashion trends, or create fashion illustrations.

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